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Do you need help framing your art?


We have extensive experience of framing art and know how much the right framing can do to enhance a work of art.


We use moldings of the highest quality and run only with acid-free and age-resistant materials that preserve the artwork in the best possible way.


We can help with


* Make custom frames according to your          measurements and wishes

* Framing of all types of art, photos and posters

* Stretch up canvas to wedge frame

* Replace broken glass or frame strip

* Repairs of damaged art

* Refreshment of old works of art

*Tips and advice

* To some extent pick up and deliver the works of art


Dial Filiph on 0736931515 or send an Email



We are located at Bergsrådsvägen 79 in Bagarmossen and meet by agreement and boked time. 

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