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Vladimir Kamendy.jpg


Oil, fine art print

Vladimyr Kamendy was born in september 1955 in Bratislava in old Czechoslovakia. At the age of six he grabbed his brush and started painting under guidance of his schools art teacher and showed a lot of talent in early age.


1974 he started a 4 year art education and 1978 he left his home in Czechoslovakia and came to Sweden and 1980 he had his first exhibition on Bäckaskogs Castle in Skåne. Constantly searching for new impressions he then continued to explore new parts of his artistry in New York, Venice, Ibiza and Hamburg.


Vladimyr Kamendy died 2014 in his studion in berlin at the age of 59. Kamendy will remain one of our most valued and appreciated artist and his memory as a master of color will live on though his art forever.

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